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Lavallette celebrates Fourth of July with parade, fireworks

LAVALLETTE — The borough celebrated the Fourth of July in the way that has become a tradition in town, with music, fireworks and a parade. Festivities...

Lavallette hosts a rolling smorgasbord of flavors

LAVALLETTE — Visitors came to the borough from near and far not only for the first days of summer, but to satisfy their tastebuds...

Lavallette’s bay blitz cleans the shores of the back bay

LAVALLETTE — A group of volunteers took to the bayfront in Lavallette to clean up the area as part of the 2018 Barnegat Bay...

Council eying a fix for sand blowing onto basketball courts

LAVALLETTE — The borough council voted unanimously to accept a plan that would address the problem of sand from the beach volleyball courts inundating...

Fire company’s Oyster Supper a treasured tradition

LAVALLETTE- Continuing an 80-year tradition, the Lavallette Volunteer Fire Company is gearing up to hold the annual Oyster Supper. The Oyster Supper will take place...

Borough gets Sandy debt forgiveness from FEMA

LAVALLETTE — It appears that the borough will not have to pay back a multimillion dollar disaster loan from the federal government. At the Nov....

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