About Us—1877 to present

In addition to this Website, Star News Group publishes two weekly paid newspapers — The Coast Star, published every Thursday, and The Ocean Star, published each Friday. Both papers are available by mailed subscription and are also sold on the newsstand. The single-copy price for The Coast Star and The Ocean Star is $1.00.

The history of The Coast Star is one of consistency. The newspaper has been located at its current location, 13 Broad Street, Manasquan, since 1909, and has served the southern Monmouth County area since 1877. 

The Ocean Star, located at 421 River Avenue, Point Pleasant Beach, was launched in 1998 and serves the northern Ocean County area. In 2017, coverage of Brick Township was added.

Starnewsgroup.com, launched initially in March 2007, and completely re-designed in March 2017, combined the previous web sites for each of these publications into one local news source for The Coast Star and The Ocean Star readers. The extensive news coverage found each week on the pages of these two newspapers, is now also found online in interactive e-Editions at starnewsgroup.com.

Additional news updates on local happenings occur daily on starnewsgroup.com — your source for all the latest, local news in southern Monmouth and northern Ocean counties. Our latest news headlines are also available via the Apple News app on all iOS devices, and as an Alexa Flash Briefing for the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

In 2014, Star News Group purchased Night & Day Magazine, a free publication that publishes once a month in January, February and March, twice a month in May, June, July and August, and also once a month in September, October, November and December.

Night & Day Magazine focuses on entertainment in Monmouth and Ocean counties including features, dining, art, nightlife, day trips, music and shopping. 

For more information about Night & Day Magazine, please visit ndmag.com.

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