Archives: Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you change the way your archives are accessed?
We’ve partnered with, home to over 10,100 newspapers, to make our entire newspaper archive fully text-searchable. Until now, only those issues of The Coast Star and The Ocean Star from 2003 and up were searchable.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that we’ve just made our complete, fully text-searchable archives available dating all the way back to 1899! Best of all, if you’re a subscriber, you now have free access to issues from the previous 15 years right up through today, as part of your existing Star News Group subscription. Plus, you’ll get a discounted rate if you’d like to access older issues.

What if I want to access the archives prior to 15 years ago?
If you’d like access to the complete archives back to 1899, you’re eligible for a low price of $4.95 for one month of access, or $19.95 for a full six months. The revenue generated by those subscriptions helps to support the investment we’ve made in preserving these archives and making them available to our subscribers, as well as to genealogical researchers from across the U.S.

What happened to the historical archives that were for sale on your site?
The 1899-2002 archives of The Coast Star and The Ocean Star have now been fully integrated into the new archive, and unlike before, they are now fully indexed and text-searchable. This allows you to search across our entire 110+ years of content from one place.

What if I’m already a subscriber?
If you’re a Publisher Extra subscriber, you now have access to all Coast Star and Ocean Star archives, even if you’re not a subscriber to our papers. If you’ve subscribed to through an individual publication in the past, or you’re a Basic subscriber, that access will not extend to The Coast Star or The Ocean Star. You can still select either a one-month or a six-month subscription to enable access to our archives prior to 15 years ago.

It looks like lets you “clip” articles that you can save or share with others. Is there a way that I can do that without buying a account?
Actually, yes. The good folks at are allowing our subscribers to create a completely free account, no credit card required and no trial period, just to allow you to take advantage of their clipping options. Certainly they are hoping you will find this so useful that you’ll want to gain access to the older archives by upgrading to a paid account, but you are under no obligation to do so and you are free to use this account for clippings as long as you’re a Star News Group subscriber.

I was looking at an article, and suddenly I got a message that I need to sign up for a account. Why?
As we’ve noted above, paid subscribers to The Coast Star or The Ocean Star are entitled to access the archives for EITHER publication as far back as 15 years ago, at NO additional cost. However, if you attempt to view any content from prior to that time, you’ll be prompted to purchase a one-month or six-month subscription at the rates indicated above. Otherwise, you’re free to browse any content from 15 years ago and up.

Why can I only go back as far as 15 years from now without having to pay? As a subscriber, I should be able to see ALL the articles.
We understand your frustration, but we want you to know that our partnership with is one of the most subscriber-friendly packages they’ve offered in their history! Fifteen years of archives at NO additional cost to you puts a lot of historical information at your fingertips, and we hope you enjoy browsing these recent archives.

Prior to our arrangement with, you would have paid $9.95 per decade for our archives, or $60 for the complete set, which were not searchable. So we hope you’ll agree that our partnership is a better and less expensive option for everyone.

I have more questions, and/or need help accessing the archives. Who can help me?
We’re here to help! Please call us Monday-Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM at (732) 223-0076 and press 2, or email us at