Author Visit to Manasquan Presbyterian Church

Raised! Author Visit 

Rev. David Cotton and Margaret J Cotton, author,
welcome Charlie and Flori Mada of Phoenix, AZ.

Many local residents have read the account of the Mada Family in Raised!, a book written by Manasquan native Margaret Joanne Cotton and published in 2018. On September 29th at 12:15 in the church’s fellowship hall, the Madas will be sharing their testimony and answering questions.
Complimentary lunch will be provided with a reservation by Saturday 908-489-2052.

A tragic accident resulted in the Madas’ lifeless 16-month-old son being taken to a Romanian hospital.  The medical staff declared him dead and offered no treatment. Over seven hours later the Madas and doctors witnessed their son being raised from death.  This astonishing miracle only began a cascade of inspiring and life-changing events. The well-documented testimony’s authenticity is recognized by government documents and scholars. The Madas’ first-hand story is unparalleled. All are welcome.

16 Virginia Ave, Manasquan, NJ 08736, USA