e-Edition Extra Ad Submission

Use this form to order our new e-Edition Extra (or Triple-E, if you prefer), which is placed inside one or both of our weekly e-Edition(s) at the inside front cover/page 2 position, or at the beginning of a specific section (Sports, Obits, etc.). The ad can be an existing print ad, a camera-ready ad supplied by the client, or can be created from scratch.

The Triple-E requires some very specific info in order to build and place. At minimum, we’ll need the date(s) and the edition(s) in which to run, the location (page 2 or otherwise), the ad size (half page or full page) and—if the client is not supplying a PDF—as much info as you can provide in terms of using an existing print ad or, if this is a new ad, the necessary art/graphics/copy, etc.

Always check the current rate card for up-to-date pricing. if you’re here to submit a standard Web banner for the site, use our new Banner Ad Submission form instead. Questions? Contact Ali or Donna.