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St. Andrew’s rummage sale succeeds despite pandemic

SPRING LAKE — The St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church’s 2020 Rummage Sale wrapped up on Saturday afternoon after raising more than $2,000 for charity...

Demolition underway at Spring Lake’s South End Pavilion

SPRING LAKE — Demolition began Monday at the Spring Lake South End Pavilion as the borough begins renovations. Plans for the pavilion include three...

Spring Lake council hears presentation for Lake Como improvements

SPRING LAKE — The Spring Lake Borough Council heard a presentation on plans for improvements to the area surrounding Lake Como, including adding additional...

H.W. Mountz holds final BOE meeting before reopening

SPRING LAKE -- The H.W. Mountz Board of Education had its final special meeting before the start of the school year on Tuesday Night...

H.W. Mountz to offer after school childcare

SPRING LAKE — As H.W. Mountz makes the final preparations for its reopening on Sept. 9 Superintendent Stephen LaValva said he believes the school...

Holy Trinity Church turns 140 years old

SPRING LAKE — The pandemic has ruined countless plans and celebrations this spring and summer, and the 140th anniversary of the Episcopal Church of...

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