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Pop-the-trunk food drive in Bradley feeds thousands

BRADLEY BEACH — The COVID-19 pandemic has made the Bradley Food Pantry’s goal of feeding the hungry more important now than ever, a need...

Larry Fox wins mayoral race in Bradley Beach

BRADLEY BEACH — Larry Fox has claimed victory in the borough’s nonpartisan mayoral race, as unofficial election results show that he has an insurmountable...


FREEHOLD — In one of the few mayoral races on the Nov. 3 ballot in Monmouth County, Larry Fox defeated Councilman Al Gubitosi, 1,115...

Fox extends lead in Bradley Beach vote for mayor

BRADLEY BEACH — The continuing vote count in the Bradley Beach mayor's race showed Larry Fox has extended his lead over Councilman Al Gubitosi...

Monmouth elections: Close vote for Bradley Beach mayor; counting continues

FREEHOLD — Monmouth County's only mayoral race this year is in Bradley Beach, where with more than a third of the vote being reported...

Beach utility rakes in funds over Fourth of July weekend

BRADLEY BEACH — A global health pandemic did not scare off beachgoers last weekend as the borough nearly doubled the amount of money collected...

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