We’re excited to announce an exclusive feature of our e-Editions: One-click access to an index of the ads you’ve run previously—right in the same e-Editions you’re already reading each week! Use this feature to review your recent advertisements and as tearsheets that are required for payment on co-op advertising.

For many of you, your ads have been indexed and you can simply follow this process below. (We do have some customers whose ads are still being indexed and we may need to assist you with another search method.) First, try to just copy and paste these two handy links to access your dedicated ad archive, replacing YOURADCODE with the advertiser code you’ve been assigned, (ex. ADV-0000 or 00000000). 

For Coast Star ads:


For Ocean Star ads:


Your unique advertiser code can be found on a recent invoice from us, in the “Advertiser Info” section of your listing in our new Business Finder, or by contacting your Sales Representative.

If you don’t have this link handy, you can visit either publication’s archived editions:

The Coast Star Archives: http://thecoaststar.starnewsgroup.com/Olive/APA/CoastStar/

The Ocean Star Archives: http://theoceanstar.starnewsgroup.com/Olive/APA/OceanStar/

Select “Search” at upper left, and enter your ad code there. The results will be all ads run previously that have been indexed using this code.

We hope you’re as excited about this new feature as we are, and that you find our e-Editions to be as close to a real printed newspaper as it gets!

If you’re not already a subscriber, or are having trouble accessing the e-Editions, contact your Sales Representative for assistance.

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