BELMAR — As the borough council’s reorganization approaches on Jan. 1, Councilman James McCracken has put the call out to residents who would like to volunteer on some of the borough’s appointed boards and committees. 

Speaking at the Oct. 19 borough council meeting, Councilman McCracken thanked all of the volunteers currently serving the borough, roughly 75. As some terms are set to expire this year, and some volunteers may choose not to serve again, Mr. McCracken said that interested parties should contact borough hall. 

“The town is always looking for good people to volunteer and give back to their community, that is what makes Belmar so great,” the councilman said. “I know it’s only October, but the holidays are coming and things are moving along quickly. If anyone is interested in volunteering for one of the mayor and council appointed positions or anywhere else in town, we are always looking for good people.”


Some of the appointed boards of the borough includes the planning board and zoning board of adjustment, which handles land use applications; the environmental commissions, which advises the borough council on environmental issues; the shade tree commission, which tends to trees in the public right of way; the harbor commission, which advises the borough on the marina; and the Americans with Disabilities Act Committee, which focuses on the needs of residents with disabilities in Belmar.