WALL TOWNSHIP — Pride of Wall Seniors held its first in-person meeting on Tuesday, although organizers at first were concerned that only a handful of members might show up.

To the surprise of Pride officers, about 50 members arrived for the brunch meetup. That turnout, organizers said, is enough for the group to consider holding more such meetings in the future.

“I was very much surprised. I thought that five people might show. You could tell they missed each other,” Elizabeth Burns, president of Pride of Wall Seniors, said on Tuesday. “You can’t imagine how we feel that we all came out, because I thought for sure we were taking this food home.”


Founded in 1977, Pride of Wall Seniors was established in the township to support senior citizens, bringing fellowship to a community that often experiences loneliness. Members participate in a host of activities throughout the year, and attend informational meetings that are important for senior citizens.

Residents over the age of 55 are invited to become members, with a yearly fee of $10. The group has 115 paid members, and those aged 90 and over do not have to pay for membership.

During the pandemic, however, the group was unable to have live, in-person meetings. The leaders of the club have tried to communicate with members for the past year and a half, making calls to members to see if they needed help.

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