Jeremy D. Kuper founded Atlantic Exercise Physiology this year. He utilizes high-tech equipment to help people reach their fitness goals. [Photo by Daniella Heminghaus]

MANASQUAN — Newly opened Atlantic Exercise Physiology on Parker Avenue is New Jersey’s first exercise physiology practice. 

Manasquan native Jeremy D. Kuper founded Atlantic Exercise Physiology this year after graduating from The College of New Jersey with an undergraduate degree in health and exercise science and Columbia University with his Master of Arts and Master of Education in applied exercise physiology.

After being hit by a drunk driver in Manasquan on East Main Street by the 4th Avenue Bridge on June 17, 2017, Mr. Kuper was faced with a long seven-month recovery. While enduring, Mr. Kuper was inspired to bring his exercise science knowledge to the Manasquan community.


“The accident really made me realize that this is something that has changed me for the rest of my life. I see how my body now responds, changes and benefits from exercise over time,” Mr. Kuper said.

At Columbia University, Mr. Kuper was the exercise physiologist at the university’s EXerT Clinic.

“I thought this is something the general public really needs access to,” Mr. Kuper said. “These services help to understand your own body and really take the guesswork out of exercise and nutrition.”

At Atlantic Exercise Physiology, two types of exercise tests are offered: maximal and submaximal. Maximal is typically performed by high school or college-aged athletes and goes until exhaustion. Submaximal testing is meant for individuals that may have limited physical function or pre-existing conditions. The tests can be taken on a treadmill, bike or rowing machine and collect data for a fitness report, which analyzes different muscle groups, oxygen levels, and how the body uses fats and carbohydrates to create a comprehensive exercise review.

The offices at Atlantic Exercise Physiology are located at 11 Parker Avenue in Manasquan. [Photo by Daniella Heminghaus]

“It’s really cutting edge technology that has only been available to individuals at Olympic training centers, NASA and exercise laboratories at universities. It’s very exciting that I am able to offer these services here,” Mr. Kuper said.

Additionally, Atlantic Exercise Physiology offers Resting Metabolic Rate [RMR] tests, which provide your metabolic health and information on how many calories are burned at rest. Then through an 85-question survey a registered dietician-approved nutrition plan is provided. The plan can then be hooked up to a fitness tracker, like Apple Watch or Garmin Watch, to adjust according to activity levels.

All tests also include a body composition test, which analyzes overall skeletal muscle mass, body fat percentage, hydration status, etc.

The most recommended package from Atlantic Exercise Physiology is the “Your Physiology Plus Assessment,” which is a two-hour appointment including the exercise test [maximal or submaximal], the RMR test, the body composition analysis and a pulmonary analysis test, which looks at lung function.

Right now, most interest in Atlantic Exercise Physiology has been from younger athletes in their 20s and local sports teams. But, Mr. Kuper also hopes to expand towards helping expecting mothers.

“These services help to understand your own body and really take
the guesswork out of exercise and nutrition.”

JEREMY D. KUPER, founder of Atlantic Exercise Physiology

“A lot of times women won’t have too much guidance in terms of exercise or nutrition before and after pregnancy, so this service to help show them their fitness levels can allow us to monitor their body composition and RMR throughout the pregnancy so we can ensure they are appropriately eating, hydrating and exercising,” Mr. Kuper said. “Postpartum wise, it can also help you get back to your pre-pregnancy fitness level at a faster, safer rate.”

As a graduate of Manasquan Elementary School and Manasquan High School himself, Mr. Kuper has also modeled his business towards benefiting his hometown. For example, in September, which is Childhood Obesity Month, Atlantic Exercise Physiology is offering free medical body composition analysis tests, and exercise and nutrition tips for kids ages 5 to 12.

“Manasquan was a no-brainer in terms of coming to the community,” Mr. Kuper said. “It’s wonderful and I really brought in a lot of cutting edge technology to offer individuals in the community, especially the kids next month.”

For further information and pricing, along with booking your own service, head to or visit Atlantic Exercise Physiology in person at 11 Parker Ave., Manasquan.