WALL TOWNSHIP — A rescheduled Wall Board of Education meeting was conducted online Tuesday night, a week after the board was forced to adjourn in-person session because most of some 50 members of the public in attendance refused to wear face masks, as required under a state mandate.

At the start of the virtual meeting, Superintendent Tracey Handerhan addressed the elephant in the room, saying that the district has a responsibility to comply with state law, despite the controversy over Gov. Murphy’s executive order mandating the wearing of face coverings in school buildings.

“This issue is clearly a polarizing one nationwide,” Ms. Handerhan said. “It is clearly a complex and divisive issue in Wall Township. Willfully disobeying executive orders jeopardizes the operation of this school district, your school district. Loss of state funding, revocation of educational certificates and potential arrests of school personnel hurts this school district and, most importantly, the children of Wall Township.”


During her address, the superintendent stated that she is “fighting to provide a safe learning and teaching environment for the school community,” as well as maintaining in person learning and extra curricular activities for Wall Township students.

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