Water and sewer repairs funded in Point Beach


POINT PLEASANT BEACH — Two ordinances were adopted by the Point Pleasant Beach Borough Council at its meeting last Tuesday evening. 

On July 6, the borough council adopted a bond ordinance to provide for various water and sewer utility improvements. The ordinance appropriates $380,000 and provides for the issuance of $361,000 in bonds or notes.

“The water/sewer bond ordinance will be funding for the following work: town wide water valve exercising program, engineering expenses in relation to replacing the water main on Route 35 South, various water tank repairs, and inspection of the water treatment plant,” Borough Administrator Christine Riehl told The Ocean Star.


“The water and sewer bond is going to enable us to … on our infrastructure, which is aging rapidly,” Mayor Paul Kanitra added. “A lot of it has been neglected for a long time and we need to start putting the proper focus on it.”

Borough engineer John M. Mele spoke with The Ocean Star further about the ordinance and the improvements it would support.

“There are four items of interest here. We have first and foremost the water valve exercising and system repair for all the water valves in town. That is something that is queued up and already in progress to be put out to bid in the near future. It is an absolute necessity to make sure we don’t have so many water main breaks and all the valves are being exercised throughout the borough,” he told The Ocean Star.

“Second is the Route 35 water main project. We didn’t bond for the whole thing but we bonded just to get started on doing some surveys and due diligence and some engineering designs to get the ball rolling. The objective is to get that water main replaced on Route 35 South. It doesn’t go the whole length but … the [state] DOT [Department of Transportation] is looking to have it resurfaced several years out so we need to get that water main done before they come through because we don’t want to wait another 20 years … it doesn’t have the lifespan left in it to by that much time. 

“The other items are small relative to those two major items. One has to do with making some minor water tank repairs just based on a study that was done last September. They made some recommendations to make some repairs to the water tank. 

“Last but not least is the water treatment plant. That is actually a sanitary sewer type of improvement. It is the old abandoned water treatment plant at the eastern end of Central [Avenue]. Most people don’t even know it is there, it was abandoned decades ago, but every once in a while somebody should go in and make sure it is holding up structural integrity wise and there is no issue so it can remain in place without intervention.”

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