Jenkinson’s Boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach is a one-stop shop for fun for visitors of all ages. From the beach to the arcades, rides and aquarium, to the bars, restaurants and classic boardwalk fare, the Jersey Shore hot spot has
something to offer everyone. A popular spot along the boardwalk is Jenkinson’s Pavilion, which includes a fast-dining area, raw bar, sushi bar, coffee corner, the Pavilion Restaurant and Jenks Club.


After a disrupted season last year, Jenk’s Club is making a comeback this year with a summer jam-packed full of fun and entertainment.
“Words can’t describe how happy we are to be, I guess what you would call, back to normal. The turnout has been great,” Joe Romano, bar manager at Jenks Club, said. “We persevered and pushed through and everything is going great.”
Memorial Day weekend ushered in the start of the summer season at Jenks Club. “That was like the party for everyone; I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought it would taper off a little bit, but it seems as though they just keep coming,” Mr. Romano said.
“I feel like they’re trying to make up for a year’s worth of hanging out with friends, partying, socializing.”


Jenks hosts Dueling Pianos every Monday during the summer at 8:30 p.m.
“That’s been going swimmingly ever since we started it,” Mr. Romano said of the event that began in 2017. “People love Dueling Pianos.”
Comedy Night hosted by Ryan Maher is also back this year on Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m.
The lineup includes: Chrissie Mayr featuring Tim Hayes and Amanda Gail on July 20; JP Justice featuring Ken Krantz and Keith Carnevale on July 27; Mike Marino featuring Jerrold Benford and Jonas Barnes on Aug. 3; Tim Krompier featuring Anthony DiDomenico and Justin Brown on Aug. 10; Mark Riccadonna featuring John Poveromo and Anu Kalra on Aug. 17; Jessimae Peluso featuring Rich Carucci and Jeff Paul on Aug. 24; and comedic hypnotist Denny More featuring Kevin Israel on Aug. 31.
Country music has made a comeback at Jenks after a one-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Last year, Dueling Pianos was held on Mondays as well as Wednesdays because the club was unable to host live bands. “Dueling pianos was a good fit last year for Mondays and Wednesdays because it is a sit-down show,” Mr. Romano said.
“Country nights are back on Wednesdays and we’re very excited about that because a lot of people have asked us [about it].”
Doors open at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesdays and the concert begins at 8:30 p.m. All ages may attend.
“We’re more known for the bigger talent acts that come in here.” Mr. Romano said. He added that for a relatively low price, either $10 or $20 depending on the show, patrons are treated to a more intimate experience, unlike many other venues.
Jenks will host Michael Ray on July 21; Drew Green on July 28; Adam Doleac on Aug. 4; LANCO on Aug. 18; and Joe Langston on Aug. 25. Performers for the Aug. 11 and Sept. 1 shows have not yet been announced.
Thursdays include fireworks [weather permitting] and The Nerds at 9 p.m. Jenks also offers $3 Bud Lights and $5 High Noons on Thursdays from 9 p.m. to midnight.


Jenks keeps the party going on Friday and Saturday nights with cover bands and DJs.

“The DJ plays nonstop all night long and the band plays two, one-hour sets inside. In between when the band’s not playing, the DJ’s music outside funnels inside,” Mr. Romano said. “We did that because not everyone loves live entertainment, so we started this a couple years back to give the best of both worlds.”

With a DJ playing inside and a band playing outside, patrons have the opportunity to go back and forth between the two whenever they like.

“That’s a unique feature that we’re able to offer that I don’t think anyone else can, and I think that’s probably what has grown into the success that is that whole outdoor area,” Mr. Romano said.

Since Jenks Club is the only establishment of its kind on the boardwalk, Mr. Romano said, he wants to make sure patrons have options when they decide to come out for the night.

Sundays feature The Flying Mueller Brothers at 2 p.m., which Mr. Romano added is “very family oriented. They bring the kids up and they have drums, bongos, and tambourines.” The BStreetBand, a tribute band to Springsteen, wraps up the weekend with performances starting at 6 p.m.


Jenks also has to adapt to an ever-changing customer base, Mr. Romano said.

“The customer base that comes through here comes in waves. People come in at 21, 22, 23 [years old] and this is their spot, where they hang out for the next two, three, four years,” he said.

About three years ago, he said, Jenkinson’s updated the pavilion to appeal to its changing clientele.

“The owners here have made every effort to work with me and everything I’ve wanted to do,” Mr. Romano said. “They’ve been in this business longer than I have and they’ve also seen those waves come and go, and they’re not afraid to do what’s necessary to adapt.”

Part of adapting also includes balancing the family atmosphere of Jenkinson’s during the day with the nightclub vibe at night.

“We very carefully monitor the music selection and what’s going on here during the day because first and foremost we’re the family fun place,” he said. “We make sure that all our bands are family friendly and it’s all good music.”

“Any band that we book here is well aware it’s a family place,” he added.