Point Pleasant plans ambulance purchase


POINT PLEASANT — The Point Pleasant Borough Council has introduced a bond ordinance to purchase a new ambulance for the Point Pleasant Borough First Aid Department.  

The bond ordinance will purchase a new 2020 Ford 350 4X4 Demers MXP150 ambulance equipped with a Stryker Power Loader for a total of $221,000.

“Mayor [Robert] Sabosik and the council really did a lot of research for this purchase and did an outstanding job,” Borough Administrator Frank Pannucci Jr. said in a release about the ordinance.


“Normally, a new ambulance can cost between $500,000 and $600,000 and according to NJ Bond Law, capital money can not be used on used vehicles, only new. Through working with our incredible First Aid Department, they were able to find a demo ambulance on a dealership lot.  

“The mayor and council did a lot of research with our bond council and were able to use capital funds for this purchase because the title of the demo ambulance was never transferred from the dealership and was never put in service thus making it a brand-new vehicle.  

“This not only gives the First Aid Department a necessary tool to accomplish their mission, but this purchase is also saving taxpayer dollars by being able to pay half of what a new ambulance would cost since we are getting a discount because it has been used as a demo.”

Mayor Sabosik said he was thrilled the borough could support the local volunteer first response agency.

“Our first aid department is staffed by volunteers. These volunteers do an outstanding job for the borough and are selfless,” he stated. “In order for them to continue their mission, they need the right equipment and that’s our job as mayor and council to make sure they have it.  

“I’d like to point out that this ambulance will also come equipped with a power loader. What that does is automatically lifts the stretcher into the ambulance and locks it in. This is especially important for our volunteers as it ultimately saves them from having back injuries or straining themselves to load the ambulance.  

“This new ambulance will replace another aging ambulance and will ensure they have the right amount of working vehicles to continue the great service to our residents that they deliver day in and day out.”

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