Council renews Martell’s liquor license


POINT PLEASANT BEACH — The Point Pleasant Beach Borough Council approved the renewal of the liquor licenses for Martell’s Tiki Bar and Jake’s Crab Shack during a special meeting June 22.

Prior to the renewal, officials discussed some concerns borough officials had regarding the longtime boardwalk location, mainly crowds and DJs on the beach.

“I think this is an important exercise for us to undertake as a council. Obviously when we did the town survey and just in all our regular lives, we all know the beach and boardwalk has been the top issue for residents in Point Pleasant Beach,” Mayor Paul Kanitra said.


“We have seen a correlation in the data between larger crowds on Mondays and Sundays and … what this afforded us to do … with Martell’s was have a positive conversation with them to raise some concerns on the borough’s behalf and just to open up the dialogue to eventually get where we got to with Jenkinson’s [which] was a very good place. I think we are all on the same page with Jenkinson’s, as well.”

According to Mayor Kanitra, the borough officials’ meeting with representatives of Martell’s in advance of the special hearing last Tuesday was positive.

“They were very receptive to what we had to bring up,” he said. “In fact, some of the things they already agreed to do going forward this year are additional security personnel on the weekends and Mondays, as well.

“They are going to be working with Brian Martin, who is in the process of figuring out new fire capacity numbers not just for Martell’s, but for a host of other businesses in town … so they seemed very willing to be working with the new fire capacity numbers to make sure that they weren’t going over those numbers.

“Scott [Bassinder, owner] texted me after the meeting and said they decided not to have any DJs down on the beach anymore as well, which I think is a great idea because it keeps the chaos and problem on the beach side and it confines it more to a private property to more of a club and bar venue on the beach as well so with those concessions and the fact that they seem to be on the same page with us I have no reservation whatsoever about the liquor license.”

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