Borough, Jenkinson’s agree on beach rules


POINT PLEASANT BEACH — The borough solidified its partnership with Jenkinson’s Boardwalk on Tuesday, as the council voted to adopt amendments to its beach regulation ordinance, solidifying relations between the two groups following a months-long legal battle.

The ordinance amends the borough’s beach operation hours, gathering limits and more.

Changes to the ordinance last summer sprung a legal filing by Jenkinson’s, which disputed the legality of the changes on private beaches.


After a judge dismissed the claim, Jenkinson’s representatives said they will work with the borough in an attempt to curb public misbehavior in Point Beach.

The new regulations will retain modifications from last year’s amendment, including state ABC alcohol designations, cooler size restrictions to 13 inches, regulated tent sizes and disruptive noise rules.

The new amendment will add slight modifications requested by Jenkinson’s: setting an 8 a.m. beach opening time, repealing redundant language on criminal nuisance, adding beach access at nighttime for events, drone operations for Jenkinson’s and the use of event tents.

On May 26, the borough and Jenkinson’s released a joint statement on the changes and how they would work in the same direction for Point Beach.

“We will be dealing with unprecedented crowds this summer season and we hear our residents’ and guests’ concerns loudly regarding their expectations,” said Mayor Paul Kanitra. “The steps [announced] constitute just the first components of what will be a continually assessed situation. Additional measures have already been considered and will be implemented if needed. We will ultimately do whatever is necessary to provide a safe, family-friendly environment for guests from all over New Jersey. Point Pleasant Beach is going to be the place to be in 2021.”

Both Jenkinson’s and the borough have pledged to take action this summer to comply with the following ordinance changes.

Jenkinson’s will provide additional private security guards and off-duty police officers across its property; add more trash cans at all locations; hire more beach staff for cleanup; and use patrol vehicles, the group said.

Borough officials say they will put more trash cans at street ends; use a dedicated trash maintenance staff in the Little Silver Lake parking lot and adjacent areas on weekends and busy days; add 38 additional Class 1 and Class 2 police officers, who started May 28, with increased police shifts across the department; and have a strict enforcement policy.
P.J. Storino of Jenkinson’s echoed the mayor’s statements.

“Jenkinson’s has been known as a safe, clean, family destination for nearly a century, and prides itself as being the family fun place,” Mr. Storino said. “Jenkinson’s is committed to embodying that slogan and looks forward to working with the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach in taking whatever measures are necessary in maintaining a safe, clean, family-friendly environment. We look forward to summer 2021 and a successful partnership with the town.”

During the May 18 council meeting, Mayor Kanitra said,”I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank P.J. Storino, who I’ve always had a very solid relationship with, for reaching out to our olive branch and extending one back. If it wasn’t for his efforts, this wouldn’t have gotten done.”

“Jenkinson’s in general deserves a huge praise for this development,” he added. “They proved their commitment to ensuring Point Pleasant Beach stays New Jersey’s premier family-friendly destination for generations to come.”

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