Mantoloking approves $60,000 recodification

Entering the Borough of Mantoloking. FILE PHOTO

MANTOLOKING — The borough council has authorized a special emergency appropriation of $60,000 for the recodification of existing ordinances in Mantoloking.

The long, in-depth process will fix up the borough code, matching sections and regulations in the process.

According to borough attorney Jean L. Cipriani, the recodification will be extremely beneficial for the borough.


“There’s a number of things that I’m sure made sense at some point in the borough’s history, but are no longer in accordance with current standards,” she told members during the ordinance introduction on April 20.

The council voted to approve the move during its May 18 meeting.

Ms. Cipriani told members the borough’s code currently has several structural problems, some found during a recent discussion by officials on adding the part-time borough administrator.

“… The code does not provide for any departments except for the police department and the fire company,” said Ms. Cipriani, “so we talk a lot here about department heads, but those department heads are not reflected in the code, which creates some structural confusion.”

She says problems like that can enhance personnel issues in the borough.

Other chapters to be examined include outdated ways to enforce ordinances, such as using a decibel reader in noise complaints or having multiple different fines noted in sections. Problems like this, she says, give people an opportunity to challenge those ordinances in court.

Several chapters also make references to outdated ordinances, codes and chapters. The changes will help to clean up the code.

“It does provide an opportunity to review for more ordinances that we don’t have that would be beneficial,” said Ms. Cipriani.

Councilman Anthony Amarante again told members of the council the need for an emergency appropriation.

“The reason that we’re doing this [as] a special emergency, [after] April’s [Yezzi, CFO] suggestion and then verified by our auditor, [is] by doing this as a special emergency we’re allowed to raise the $60,000 in our budget over a period of five years,” he said.

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