La Luna Counseling and Wellness offers holistic approach to therapy


MANASQUAN — After giving birth to her second child during the pandemic, Angela Mancini realized a greater need for women’s support services and so La Luna Counseling and Wellness was born.

According to its website, counselors at La Luna Counseling and Wellness “treat individuals dealing with mental health challenges through yoga, meditation and other holistic services on a one-on-one basis or in a group healing environment.”

In addition to Ms. Mancini, who is a licensed professional counselor, therapists at La Luna Counseling and Wellness include Licensed Social Worker Jessica Cowan and Licensed Associate Counselor Nicole Messink.


The practice also includes Kaitlyn Desider, who is a certified ayurvedic wellness coach, ayurvedic postpartum doula and yoga instructor; Courtney Rein, who is a certified postpartum doula; and Cassandra Abel, who is a certified death doula and end-of-life planner.

La Luna Counseling and Wellness offers an extensive list of services to help its clients who are dealing with postpartum issues, depression, anxiety, addiction, bipolar disorder and other mental health issues.

“It might look like it’s very random services, but they do really intertwine with each other,” Ms. Mancini said. “It’s kind of like a one-stop-shop for therapy at all stages of life.”

Ms. Mancini said she recently welcomed Ms. Abel to her practice because death is “one of those things people don’t want to talk about. It makes them uncomfortable. I wanted to have a safe place for people to come and meet with her and talk with her, and she’ll help you with all aspects of end-of-life services.”

La Luna also offers workshops and seminars focused on a variety of topics including anxiety support, self-love, tarot readings, prenatal yoga, grief dancing, birth plans, budgeting money and more.

“My main goal, where I see myself in five years from now, is I want this to be an empowerment center for women, where you can come in and take your power back,” Ms. Mancini said.

She hopes to build a community — a tribe of women — who get together, support one another  and build each other up, which is something that she feels is lacking in today’s society.

“With these workshops, with women coming out and being able to talk about things that are uncomfortable I feel like it’s going to build,” she said.

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