Council proposes beach and dune ordinance revisions


BAY HEAD — The Bay Head Borough Council has proposed changes to the borough’s beaches and dunes ordinance, specifically to dune walkways and the dune platform permit process.

“We tweaked some of the language regarding the pathways, walkways and dune platforms,” Councilwoman Jennifer Barnes-Gambert, chair of the council’s legal and planning committee, said during a recent council meeting.

Borough Administrator Chris Parlow explained some specifics regarding the changes in the ordinance introduced.


“The existing ordinance only permitted a pathway or walkway to go from the west side of the property, or the property owner side of the property, to the beach. It didn’t allow anyone the ability who wanted only to put a pathway to their dune platform,” he said. 

“We made a change to the ordinance that would allow the property owner to build or to install or construct a walkway or a pathway to only provide access to their dune platform.”

A second proposed change would allow residents to submit a sketch of their dune platform and its location in lieu of a property survey.

“The way that ordinance was written, anybody who wanted to go in and get a permit for a dune platform, had to go out and purchase or secure a survey. We have been receiving a lot of negative feedback on that particular aspect of the application process,” Mr. Parlow said.

“We changed the language … so a property owner can just hand in a sketch of where they wanted to put the platform, and put the dimensions of the platform, put the compliance with the side-yard setback requirements of the platform and that would all that would be needed for the application rather than a full-blown survey.”

Public comment on the ordinance may be heard during the council’s April 5 meeting.

On April 5, the public is also invited to make comments or ask questions regarding amendments to the borough’s stormwater-management ordinance.

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