Spring Lake Council adopts new land-use ordinance


SPRING LAKE — The Borough Council adopted a land-use ordinance Tuesday night prohibiting future developments in Spring Lake from penetrating the seasonal high groundwater elevation.

The ordinance amending the land development chapter of the borough’s code regarding basements now states that “basement floor slabs shall be a minimum of two feet above the seasonal high groundwater elevation” as opposed to one foot.

Councilman Robert Drasheff, who serves on the ad-hoc land use committee with Mayor Jennifer Naughton and Councilman Matthew Sagui, said “when you look at a lot of the big projects going on in town some of them are penetrating the water table, as is allowed under state law, and creating these very deep basements.”


Councilman Drasheff said that it is believed that penetration of the water table is causing excessive water on neighboring properties.

“We don’t know where the water that is pumped away from the houses is going,” he said, adding that it’s not clear if water is being discharged to the sanitary sewer system, stormwater system or a retention basin.

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