Point Beach raises parking fees in time for summer season


POINT PLEASANT BEACH — The Point Pleasant Beach Borough Council has adopted an ordinance increasing street and lot parking fees by 25 cents, the first such increase since 2010, a borough official said.

Borough Administrator Christine Riehl said the ordinance, which was adopted at the council’s March 16 meeting, covers paid street parking in select areas from March 1 to Oct. 31, with lots using varying dates and times.

Fees for most street parking and parking lots in the borough are now $2.50 per hour on weekdays and $3.25 per hour on weekends starting Friday at 6 p.m., except for the railroad lot, which charges $1.25 per hour. 


The ordinance also designates parking in the Arnold Avenue railroad lot as free during the offseason, a move brought up by the administration since officials say it generates little revenue.

The council continued its discussion on possible paid parking throughout all borough streets, while implementing a resident permit plan. According to Mayor Paul Kanitra, the idea is just being discussed and there are no set plans to move forward at this time. 

“I think it’s the hallmark of a transparent, resident-focused governing body to actually talk about these things,” said Mr. Kanitra. 

The possible future change could designate paid parking east of Route 35 through application-based paying systems rather than meters. Visitors would use a phone application to input their license plate to pay to park.

“It would be negligent of this council to not listen to the residents who constantly complain about people pushing further and further into the neighborhoods looking for free parking,” said Mr. Kanitra. 

The mayor said the borough makes money in its parking lots, but by leaving streets free, residents end up competing with visitors for spots. 

A change could also cut down on the abundance of resident complaints of littering, drinking, smoking and more. 

“While we’re not going to be doing anything on parking right now and probably not in the future unless circumstances change we’re always going to talk about things,” said the mayor.

“Quite frankly when we looked into it, there isn’t an easy solution right now because you have St. Peter Church, Antrim School and you have a couple of other situations that are just untenable and it’s not possible to do some of the things that might work,” he said.

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