Roof repairs to library, town hall completed

Wall High School

WALL TOWNSHIP — No more leaks at the Wall Township town hall and library since the township completed long-needed roof repairs, township administrator Jeff Bertrand announced at last week’s committee meeting.

He said the township saved $348,900 on work change orders for repairs on the roof project that included both the municipal building and library, after it was discovered that the problem was not as severe as originally estimated. 

Mr. Bertrand explained that the leak issues go back nearly 15 years since before he began working in the township, and that rumors had it that the issue could cost the township over $1 million due to rotting plywood.


“For years, there’s been a discussion about the roof systems both at the library and at town hall,” Mr. Bertrand said at the March 10 committee meeting. “And it was always like an urban legend that the plywood underneath the roof was deficient and was swelling and decaying and so on. We had reports that the roof was going to cost us somewhere between $450,000 and $500,000 [per roof] to complete.” 

Mr. Bertrand said when the township went to bid for the process, it included specifications for possible alternatives to replacing the plywood in case costs could be minimized. 

After professional analysis by engineers and architects, the was roof was determined to not be in dire condition, resulting in the township’s major savings, which will be approved at the next township committee meeting.

“I’m extremely pleased to inform you that we would like a change order number one under this contract at the next meeting. And this is not a typo — this is a reduction in the contract amount of $342,825, resulting in the cost of doing both roofs combined at $348,900,” Mr. Bertrand said.

“In fact, there were no issues with the plywood, just spot repairs that had to be made and what we were told could cost us at least a million dollars gets done through creative writing and analysis and a lot of professional work for $348,900.”

Mr. Bertrand said that since the repairs were completed, the library and town hall have experienced no leaks.

The next township committee meeting will be on Wednesday, March 24 at 7 p.m. Virtual attendance instructions are available on the township website

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