New coronavirus cases leveling off in the Heights

Coronavirus cases in Spring Lake Heights are stabilizing, the mayor says. (MARK R. SULLIVAN/THE COAST STAR)

SPRING LAKE HEIGHTS — The number of new COVID-19 cases in the borough appears to be stabilizing, Mayor Christopher Campion Jr. said in his Feb. 16 Facebook Live update.

“The past two weeks, we are averaging about one new case reported per day, which has been pretty stable for us over the past few weeks,” he said. 

“I’m hopeful that is indicative we are over the winter months, when we were seeing an uptick and were averaging over two [per day]. So it’s a good spot to be in on a relative scale. I think we are doing very good compared to other areas.”    


As of Tuesday, health officials have reported a cumulative total of 312 cases since the pandemic began, Mayor Campion said, noting that the borough’s first case was reported 330 days previously. 

“While 312 cases sounds like a lot, if you consider that we have roughly 5,000 residents, I don’t think it’s as bad as it could be, over the course of a year …  about six or seven percent have tested positive, which means 93 or 94 percent have not tested positive, so that’s a great thing. But it’s no reason to get careless and ignore fundamentals.

“Keep doing what we have to do to protect our neighbors and families,” such as wearing masks, washing hands and social distancing, he said.

“Stay with it. Be smart and continue to use logic and facts and make rational decisions. I think everyone in our community has done a fantastic job of staying above the fear-mongering and emotional stuff going on. I really appreciate you all staying grounded in reality, doing the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do,” the mayor said.

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