Borough council introduces ordinance amendments

Point Pleasant Beach Borough Hall FILE PHOTO

POINT PLEASANT BEACH — The borough council introduced eight new ordinance amendments during its Feb. 2 council meeting, tightening the borough code in various chapters.

Mayor Paul Kanitra said the changes represented small technical tweaks to correct issues seen in the borough as well as improve municipal workflow.

“The term ordinance sounds like it’s a big deal,” said the mayor. “Our whole government is a system of ordinances and a codebook that’s thousands of pages long, all we’re trying to do is fine-tune some of that for modern realities financial situations, detriments to the borough and taxpayer.”


Public hearings for the following ordinances will be held during the next council meeting on Feb. 16.

Roof-top decks

Ordinance 2021-03 addresses roof-top and upper story decks within residential areas of the borough.

The ordinance adds two new subsections to the code addressing the size, height and setback of any proposed roof-top or upper story deck.

According to Borough Engineer John Miele, the changes set regulations where the code had been unclear.

“The zoning board and planning board had expressed some concerns that over the years there was no regulation for rooftop decks or upper story decks,” said Mr. Miele.

According to Mr. Miele, the board wanted to set firm parameters to rule upon during applications.

Loading and Unloading

Ordinance 2021-04 addresses hours in which loading and unloading of goods are allowed in the borough.

The new change prohibits loading and unloading from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. daily in the borough. Previously the borough did not designate particular times in which the action was prohibited.

Councilman Doug Vitale talked with local businesses who said they would not be affected by the new change.

Grease Traps

Ordinance 2021-05 addresses a major problem in the borough, according to Borough Administrator Christine Riehl, tightening the code concerning grease traps and discharge regulation for borough businesses.

The new change requires all restaurants, food service establishments and those who discharge grease to install and use grease traps.

The ordinance also forces these traps to be cleaned and maintained by a certified disposal company.

According to the borough, the change looks to prevent sanitary wastewater system blockages, back-ups and obstructions.

Ms. Riehl said the borough has had to fix many clogs downtown because of a few businesses not using or keeping up with their grease traps.

The ordinance also raises fees for violations of the ordinance.


Ordinance 2021-06 adds two new duties to a range of officials in the borough.

The ordinance adds new subparagraphs to the duties of the borough’s construction code official, building subcode official and code enforcement/ zoning officer.

The positions now must support the plumbing official and the dune consultant with inspection, regulation and enforcement as needed.


Ordinance 2021-07 gives officials full access for inspection to a property, building or business if that property is found to be violating the borough waste discharging code.


Ordinance 2021-08 updates escrow deposits in the borough for new development which have not been changed since 2007, according to Mr. Miele.

Although fees have seemingly gone up within the ordinance, the amendment only reflects the current charges developers already pay.

According to Mr. Miele, the way the system was set up had borough officials chasing developers and applicants to reestablish their escrow deposits. The new change would cut down on this issue.

The ordinance would also address discharge from new residential swimming pools in the borough.

The change requires an on-site drainage system for any pool or equipment that requires any backwash or discharge.

“There had been a number of complaints from residents around town where they were feeling that it was kind of a nuisance where homes with their pools or even their sump pumps were discharging to the curb and there was stagnant water,” said Mr. Miele.

Mr. Miele said the change only applies to new applicants installing pools.


Ordinance 2021-09 prohibits vehicles from parking on front, back and side yards when a driveway or legal spot is not delineated.

Stormwater Management

Ordinance 2021-10 updates the borough’s stormwater management regulations in the borough.

According to Mr. Miele, the changes follow regulations designated by the state which must be updated to keep the borough in proper standing in the state.

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