Drivers make their way along Route 71 in Manasquan on Sunday as snow begins to fall. PHOTO BY MARK R. SULLIVAN

MANASQUAN — Tonight’s mayor and council meeting will be held fully remote due to the winter storm, the borough announced Monday.

The meeting, originally scheduled to be in-person and virtual, will be conducted via Zoom only at 7 p.m. A link to the meeting is available on the borough website.

Mayor Ed Donovan told The Coast Star on Monday that road conditions were OK, but will continue to be monitored.


“They’re sloppy, but they’re pretty good; they’re passable,” Mayor Donovan said. “The guys have been out there for quite a while cleaning them up and they will continue to be out there keeping them clean.”

He added that the borough will be keeping a close eye on coastal flooding, however, there have been no issues as of Monday morning.

“So far I haven’t gotten any reports of horrible coastal flooding, but I think coastal flooding is still a big concern for us,” Mayor Donovan said.

According to the National Weather Service, a coastal flood warning is in effect until 5 p.m. on Tuesday.

A storm update, posted on the borough website, states that a storm surge of three to four feet is expected on Monday and will affect both high tide cycles on Monday and Tuesday. The areas that may be most affected by coastal flooding include: all areas east of Potter Avenue, including most of the beachfront; and all areas within one block of the Glimmer Glass and Watsons Creek, including all of River, Perrine and East Virginia as well as areas adjacent to Stockton Lake.

The update states: “If you live in or near these areas, please take the necessary actions to secure outdoor property, and move vehicles to higher ground before the high tides begin. Please be advised that all three access roads to the beach, including Main Street, Brielle Road and Ocean Avenue will likely become impassible for a period of time. Widespread street flooding will occur approximately 3 to 4 hours before and after the high tide cycle, limiting access onto and off of beach areas for an extended periods.  Do not attempt to drive over a flooded road or around police barricades.  Conditions permitting, utilize First Avenue and the Ocean Avenue Bridge for access off of beach areas. Remember to always follow instructions from police and emergency personnel on our roadways.”

In addition to storm surge, strong winds up to 45 miles per hour and high surf up to 15-feet are expected into Monday night.

The Manasquan School District was closed on Monday, Feb. 1 due to the first winter storm of the year.

“As the school community was notified on January 26, this closure will be a true ‘snow day’ and NO REMOTE INSTRUCTION will occur,” a notice posted on the district website on Sunday states. “Please be reminded, however, that any additional days beyond tomorrow [Monday] where we cannot safely open school due to inclement weather will be run as delayed opening/fully remote learning days.”

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