Council urges NJDOT to enact measures on Route 35


BAY HEAD — The governing body has passed resolutions urging the New Jersey Department of Transportation to enact various measures along the Route 35 corridor to better ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians.

Resolution 2020-146 urges the NJDOT to lower the speed limit on Route 35 and specifically requests a survey be conducted “to determine the appropriate speed limit zones for the existing conditions along Route 35 in the Borough of Bay Head,” and any necessary action taken to implement said speed limit, “to safeguard pedestrians and improve safety on the roadway.”

“One thing we are working on is we are trying to change the speed limit coming into Bay Head to 30 miles per hour for our town because it is 35, then it goes to 30, and then it goes back up to 35, so we’re looking into that just as a continual 30 going through our town to keep everyone safe,” Councilwoman Holly MacPherson, chair of the council’s Parks, Grounds and Recreation Committee, said during a recent meeting of the borough council.


Chief of Police William Hoffman spoke a bit further about the situation seen along Route 35.

“She had told me that she wanted to do that and I am not against her or the town moving forward to try to do that. The only thing is they have to go through the state DOT for any of that because it is a state highway. We can only put in the request for anything on the county and state roads, and then if they OK it they go ahead and do it but if not it stays as is,” he told The Ocean Star.

“We’re hoping that they agree with it. I mean it is kind of silly because you come out of Point Pleasant Beach and it is 35 and then we have a section that is 30 and then it goes back to 35, it doesn’t make any sense, and it is very congested. We allow parking on the shoulders so it is very tight in there, so moving down five miles per hour isn’t going to make a huge difference traveling, but it might for safety reasons.”

Resolution 2020-154 urges the NJDOT to add additional crosswalks on state Route 35 at North Street, Harris Street, Bristol Place, Egbert Street and Goetze Street.

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