Borough to revisit bamboo ordinance

Sign welcomes visitors to the Borough of Lake Como. FILE PHOTO

LAKE COMO — During the workshop portion of Monday, Nov. 16’s Lake Como Council meeting, the council made the decision to revisit the previously passed bamboo ordinance.

Discussion on the topic arose after Frank Cinelli, the borough’s code enforcement official brought up that the removal of bamboo is an expensive endeavor and could cost property owners $10,000 or more to remove on their property alone.

The current ordinance requires the property owner where the bamboo stems from to have the bamboo removed from any adjacent properties that the bamboo has spread to.


This has left the borough getting more involved in the process to determine who is at fault than it wants to, according to Lake Como legal counsel, Marguerite M. “Peg” Schaffer.

Other bamboo ordinances throughout the state require the removal of the bamboo on the property it’s located on.

If changes to the ordinance were to be made, Ms. Schaffer said, “Instead of the borough getting involved in who pays for it, the adjourning property owner who believes the bamboo came from the other property can sue that property and it would become a civil dispute between them, rather than us getting in the middle of it.”

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