Borough approves new 60-foot flagpole


POINT PLEASANT BEACH — Borough officials have approved the purchase of a new 60-foot flagpole to be stationed at the police substation on the boardwalk. 

The original plan for the flagpole changed, doubling in size after borough officials ran into a small problem, Mayor Paul Kanitra said during the Nov. 10 borough council meeting.

“When the chief and the borough administrator and everybody looked at the location, there are so many wires in that area, and since again, it’s going to be a municipal flag, we need to have the ability to be able to bring it down to half-mast,” said the mayor. 


“It had to increase in size exponentially so that at half-mast it would not be hanging on those wires,” said the mayor. 

The originally planned 20- or 30-foot flagpole costing around $5,000, according to the mayor, was changed to the 60-foot pole costing the borough $15,562.

“The problem is, the only place in town on the boardwalk where it makes sense is at the police substation,” said Mr. Kanitra. 

“A lot of shore towns, a lot of tourist destinations, have some big draw to the town and something that really looks nice and stands out from afar,” he said.

The mayor believes the new pole will be a positive mark for the borough. 

“I think it’s a really positive thing especially given our current political climate [and] given some of the trials and tribulations that we’re dealing with here in town, statewide and nationally,” said Mr. Kanitra. “I think it’s a really good thing for us to have a display of our patriotism here in Point Pleasant Beach.”

The flagpole will go along with new speakers recently installed on the boardwalk this August. 

The borough plans to play the national anthem every morning on the boardwalk as well as repeating messages for visitors welcoming them and stating borough ordinances, every 15 or 30 minutes, according to the mayor.  

They plan to do this “so that people have no excuse to say I didn’t know I couldn’t have my dog on the boardwalk, I didn’t know I couldn’t smoke on the boardwalk,” the mayor said. 

“When they come on or come off they’re going to hear our borough ordinances,” he said. “And it’s not just all going to be heavy stick, it’s going to have a nice welcome to Point Pleasant Beach as well.”

The mayor said the announcement should serve as yet another way to curtail bad behavior on the beaches and boardwalk.

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