Solutions company hired to digitize municipal records


BAY HEAD — The municipality has taken initial steps to begin the process of digitizing its records.

During its Nov. 2 meeting, the borough council approved a resolution to enter into a cooperative pricing agreement, via the state Educational Services Commission, with Clinton-based Foveonics Document Solutions in the amount of $22,526 to provide document management for records retention and disposal. 

“I am happy to report that we are able to finally implement something that we have been trying to implement for a while, which is the digitization of our records,” Council President Doug Lyons said.


“Right now, we don’t have that, and it has become overwhelming to find things and actually to even store records. We didn’t think we were going to be able to pull it off this year because … they actually have to go and scan every document, put it into their system, and that is time consuming and thereby costly. We felt we might do that over a number of years and space it out.

“I want to really thank [councilman] Andy Frizzell for taking the lead on this. We pushed it down to the county and Chris Parlow [borough administrator] and the CFO [William E. Antonides, Jr.] had a conference call with the county and we discovered that actually the digitization of records could qualify for CARES Act money.”

According to the project proposal from Foveonics Document Solutions, the cloud-based solution will allow municipal staff to retrieve records efficiently, even remotely, to share data across departments and to fulfill Open Public Records Act requests quickly.

Document types to be indexed include construction permits, clerk records, payroll, planning and zoning, as well as miscellaneous records.

“We are able to use CARES Act money to pay for all the documents getting digitized, which on the resolution tonight it is about $22,000 in total, so we are really happy we are moving forward with it and I think it will make everybody’s life a little easier because it is going to make the documents much more easier to find,” Mr. Lyons said.

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