Borough hosts cleanup at Lake of the Lilies

PHOTO COURTESY OF PAUL KANITRA Volunteers, members of council and Enviroscape employees hit the lake Friday, Nov. 6 to clean up the lake and its shorelines as well as discuss the future health of the lake.

POINT PLEASANT BEACH — Borough officials and residents once again took it upon themselves to clean up yet another area of Point Pleasant Beach last Friday as volunteers held a clean-up at Lake of the Lilies. 

Volunteers came out and got their hands dirty cleaning up trash and debris in and around the lake. 

“It was encouraging to see about 20 different people show up,” Mayor Paul Kanitra said. The mayor, as well as members of Enviroscapes, came out to clean up the shoreline and check the water quality of the lake. Volunteers also included the borough’s Walk with a Purpose members. 


“We went into the water and took a bunch of different bottle caps out, little wrappers and things like that, that really add up,” said the mayor.

“There was I believe some runoff from the street that even had a little bit of an oil slick in two or three different areas of the lake,” the mayor said. This was immediately removed by Enviroscapes.

“So we were able to make a difference on that front,” said Mr. Kanitra.

At the Sept. 15 council meeting, members authorized environmental and ecological restoration company Enviroscapes, Inc. to come up with a plan for the borough to hopefully be able to tackle the now yearly blooms at the lake.

The plan is the first lake-management plan in the borough, the mayor said, and will be proactive to keep the lake environment healthy all the time.

Borough lakes have seen blooms in four consecutive summers, disrupting water quality and lake ecosystems. 

Both Lake of the Lilies and Little Silver Lake have been a focal point for many borough residents dating back to 2006, when the borough was sued by a Point Pleasant Beach resident group, Save Lake of the Lilies, concerning dredging and restoration efforts.

This year, according to Mr. Kanitra, the bloom on Lake of the Lilies was similar to last year’s bloom in size and significance. 

“Our focus going forward on the plan is really going to be how do we manage oxygen levels in the lake, sediment and runoff, so that we’re proactively keeping the algae blooms from happening,” said Mr. Kanitra.

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