Committee presents suggestions for west side bike path upgrade


SEA GIRT — The Sea Girt Bike Path Committee’s findings and recommendations for the west side bike path were presented to the mayor and council during last Wednesday’s virtual meeting.

Amanda Jacobi, a member of the Sea Girt Bike Path Committee, presented the committee’s proposed improvements for the path that runs from Sea Girt Avenue to the tennis courts along Bell Place.

The committee, which includes members Sue Blasi, James Dale, Charles Gormally and Lori Loughlin, was formed several months ago to discuss the future of the bike path, and better understand how residents currently use and hope to use the path, Ms. Jacobi said.


The first order of business for the committee was to look at the current condition of the path, which is about 700 feet long and six feet wide.

Ms. Jacobi described the path as “a bit neglected” making note of uneven and cracked pavement, a lack of lighting and potential hazards for those walking or biking on the path. The overall area, she added, has a lot of overgrowth of invasive vines and weeds that negatively affect the greenery and trees along the path.