Since the inception of the Lakewood BlueClaws in 2001 the team has been a Jersey Shore staple so it was only a matter of time before the team’s name reflected that. On Wednesday, Oct. 21 at a VIP event in Asbury Park, the BlueClaws officially announced a name change and rebranding to the Jersey Shore BlueClaws. 


In late summer of 2017 BlueClaws president Joe Ricciutti came on board with the team’s new ownership group who recalls that from the beginning it struck them all that there were these beachy shore elements in the ballpark. After growing up at the Jersey Shore the boardwalk nostalgia inspired additions to the stadium. A midway was built out in centerfield with boardwalk games, a nine hole mini golf course and Shoretown Ice Cream. 

“ …The natural progression, the natural evolution was becoming the Jersey Shore BlueClaws as a natural extension of all that work that we did creating those shore elements inside of the ballpark; it just was a logical next step,” said Ricciutti. 

While Ricciutti admits that the name change came later, embracing the shore was something that was done from the start and after seeing it resonate with the fans the name change as a logical extension. According to Ricciutti, it was about a year to a year and a half ago that they started going through the process of deciding on a new name, logo and look.

The BlueClaws worked with Brandiose, a company from San Diego who works with a lot of minor league teams, on the rebranding of the BlueClaws. Members of the Brandiose team came out in January to get their own taste for the uniqueness of the Jersey Shore. 

After spending two days at the shore, the Brandiose team went back to San Diego to start working on the drawings for the new design. After an extremely collaborative effort the rebrand evolved into what we see today.  


It’s clear that the rebranding is much more than just a name change. “And it’s an opportunity to usher in kind of a new era in BlueClaws history,” said Ricciutti. The name change was about inclusion and embracing all that the Jersey Shore has to offer in addition to the town the stadium resides in. 

“We remain tremendous partners with the city of Lakewood,” he said. “We have a great partnership with them. We’re here in any and every way that the town needs us.” 

“The main change is it’s about embracing all of the shore towns up and down from north all the way down to Cape May,” he said. “So it’s an inclusion idea.”

According to an article on the BlueClaws website, Phillies Red, Dark Atlantic Blue, Crab Blue and Golden Yellow make up the club’s new official colors. The BlueClaws are the only professional sports team to use this color combination. Four new caps with different shore themed logos were also released. 

Jersey Shore BlueClaws merchandise is already available for fans to shop online on the BlueClaws website. Ricciutti shared that the feedback that they have received from fans thus far on the rebrand has been extremely positive. 

“The message has resonated that this is about everybody and all of the shore communities can say this is our hometown team,” said Ricciutti.