After playing the Jersey Shore scene as a solo acoustic act since 2000, BC MacGowan decided to form a new band in 2005 with his high school friend Chris DeBoer. A few years of shuffling pieces in and out of the band led to another band addition, Matt Reynolds and the band you see today is rounded out by Justin Hetrick. Introducing Los Gringos.   


Los Gringos sound comes from MacGowan on vocals and guitar, Reynolds on lead guitar and vocals, DeBoer on bass and Hetrick on drums. “As for our style and our sound, the genres we gravitate towards are rock, blues, soul, funk and we sprinkle in a little reggae and rap as well,” said MacGowan. “Somewhere in the middle of all that lies Los Gringos’ sound.”   

“But what truly makes us unique is our ability to adapt to any room,” he added. “Not only do we cover a wide variety of styles, but we are capable of adjusting the size of our sound to the size and warmth of the room, often morphing into our alternate band persona The Acoustic Gringos.”

Curious as to where the Los Gringos band name originated from? “Growing up and working around here, our Hispanic coworkers would always refer to my friends and I as Gringos” said MacGowan. “We just thought it was a perfectly fitting band name for us.”   


Los Gringos will perform at Max Devros in Manasquan on Friday, Oct. 30 from 6 to 10 p.m. Fans can typically enjoy the band live throughout the year at the following venues: Reef and Barrel, Darcy’s Tavern, The Irish Rail, The Salty Whale and St Stephens Green. 

“Covid has undoubtedly had an effect on the amount of opportunities there are to play right now, especially with the weather beginning to turn,” said MacGowan. The first few months of lockdown resulted in no performances for the band. Once things started to open up a bit more the band got calls for small, private gatherings. 

“You could tell that people were starved for some live music,” he said. “Many bars and restaurants were able to adapt their outdoor facilities to accommodate for live music during the summer, so we were able to remain busy throughout the warmer months.” 

With the colder weather approaching it seems as though performances are tailing off. MacGowan hopes everyone can make it through the cold months this year. While the amount of performances is currently dwindling, one thing’s for certain. Los Gringos love to perform. 

“There is no better feeling than when we get the crowd up and dancing,” said MacGowan. “The more energy there is in the crowd, the more the band really feels it and we can just lock in.” 

“The fans are what makes it all go,” he added. “And when the music is done, we are the type of guys that enjoy to put back a few cold ones with all our listeners and let them know how much we appreciate their support.” 

While COVID-19 has caused a change in performances and the band’s normal schedule, they are hopeful for what’s to come. 

“And for the future we are just looking forward to the Jersey Shore music scene getting back to normal,” said MacGowan. “Hopefully we’ll be packing people in again and entertaining crowded dance floors some time.”