Glimmer Glass Bridge closed for repairs for three months


MANASQUAN — The Glimmer Glass Bridge will be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic for three months, the borough announced Tuesday.

According to a statement sent out through the borough’s alert system and posted on its website, the mechanical issues with the bridge stem from “a gearbox and motor that seized.”

The gearbox is 50 years old and although the company that made the gearbox is still in operation, the borough said the company “refuses to get involved.” Instead, Monmouth County will send the gearbox and motor to a company based in Maine.


“The box has to be ‘broken’ open [it is completely sealed] and the problem diagnosed and repaired if possible,” which depends on other factors including part availability. The motor will have to be replaced as well, the borough stated.

The county may also bring in a consultant to investigate the issue and determine if a more modern gearbox would work on the bridge. If it is determined that a new part would work and the old gearbox is also restored, then a backup would be available to avoid a long outage in the future.

According to the statement, the bridge’s pulleys, which are the only remaining original parts, “are shot. The top shaft that they attach to [which is undersized] and the pulleys themselves will be replaced during this period.”

Due to the bridge’s status on the state and national historic registers, repairs are delayed while both agencies are informed of the situation.

Residents are encouraged to plan travel accordingly. The statement also notes that the county is “very aware of the public inconvenience and the public safety threat these circumstances present.”

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