Borough warns residents about ignoring new garbage rules


POINT PLEASANT BEACH — With the borough’s new garbage collection rules in place for well over a month now, officials have been working hard to inform residents and visitors of the changes.

The borough council on Aug. 4 approved new rules designed to cut down on garbage in the streets by having homeowners and renters use garbage receptacles rather than just putting plastic trash bags out at the curb for pickup. 

The rules allow no more than five receptacles out at a time for collection. Of those five receptacles, only one can be a bag alone with no can, to account for overflow. 


According to Mayor Paul Kanitra, the purpose of the ordinance is to counter garbage bags being torn open by seagulls when left on borough streets, leaving litter on the streets. 

With the changes in place, the borough sent out a notice to residents and included the changes in its newsletter. 

Still, the mayor says, some bags are being left out improperly.

As of Sept. 15, code enforcement started to give notices and warnings about the new ordinance to those residents violating the new rules. 

According to the mayor, the borough has already given out a large number of these notices and will in time be enforcing the ordinance with fines. 

“If you’ve already been issued a warning, at some point in the near future you’re going to start being ticketed,” said Mr. Kanitra. 

The mayor said the borough has received some complaints from residents and visitors, but the majority of residents, he believes, support the changes. 

“We know right now it’s not a perfect solution, but the reality of the matter is that bags on the street generally are not accepted in any kind of nice town and we’re not going to accept it here,” he said. 

He said even with some complaints, officials plan to enforce the changes.

“I think in the past when you had a couple of people complain that like to put the bags out alone on the curb, everybody’s kind of folded and they just said all right, DPW, pick them all up,” said Mr. Kanitra.

He said there never had been any teeth in the ordinance enforcement.

“Then the problem remains, there are bags out on the curbs with seagulls picking them apart and trash all over various different streets,” said Mr. Kanitra. 

“I just want to reiterate that we have a real appetite to stay the course here and see this through until everybody is dedicated properly and until we’ve cleaned up,” said the mayor.

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