Allaire Road gets striped for safety

Allaire Road has been re-striped for safety. [COURTESY OF SPRING LAKE HEIGHTS]

SPRING LAKE HEIGHTS — Motorists driving through Spring Lake Heights will notice new lines painted along Allaire Road recently completed by Monmouth County this past week that the borough hopes will mitigate both traffic and pedestrian safety concerns.

“We talked earlier in the summer about addressing some of the traffic concerns throughout town, and one of the actions of that was to engage the county and we had the traffic engineers come out and look at Allaire Road,” Spring Lake Heights Mayor Chris Campion said in his weekly Facebook update with borough residents.

He said the engineers and borough took a close look at the issues on the road, which is a county road and one which residents often cite as a constant issue with drivers speeding, especially around the areas of Joseph E. Robertson Park.


“One of the key recommendations was to actually paint out the lines so that its not a wide open road with no clear marks of lanes of travel on there,” he said.

One of the biggest changes to the road is that drivers will no longer be able to pass each other on the road.

“If you remember it was also marked with dashed yellow lines down the middle, which if you remember from your driver’s test means it’s a passing zone, so people were permitted to pass there and that’s now been changed with the new striping,” the mayor said.

“They’ve clearly established the lanes of travel to prevent the drifting that people do side-to-side while driving down, I’m sure you’ve experienced it, especially when cars stop at the crosswalks.”

“We’re hoping that this striping addresses some of that and plus the speeding by maintaining the lane of travel so there’s a lot of work there that came through the county engineers and I certainly appreciate the help from our county partners in getting that done.

“It’s a good step in the right direction there. I think it looks good and I hope it helps and has a positive benefit.”

Mr. Campion also asked drivers to be mindful of students walking and biking to and from school as school reopened last week. 

“Just be extra cautious driving around town in the mornings and in the afternoons during drop-off and pick-up especially around the school and the common arteries people use to get back and forth there.”

He also implored parents to teach their kids about the importance of wearing a helmet, strapped, while riding their bikes.

The next borough council meeting will be held on Monday, Sept. 21 at 7 p.m. at the municipal building, 555 Brighton Ave., and remotely with a link shared on the borough website.

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