Murphy: NJ residents can register to vote, track ballots online

Gov. Phil Murphy at a press briefing.

TRENTON – New Jersey’s new online voter registration is now fully up-and-running on the state Division of Elections website, and voters can use the website to track their mail-in ballots, Gov. Phil Murphy has announced. 

The registration form “is safe, secure and can be accessed anywhere, whether from a library computer or your smartphone,” the governor said during his Tuesday news briefing.

“Simply visit and click the link for Register to Vote at the top of the page,” he said. “All you need to securely register to vote is your driver’s license number or nondriver identification number or your Social Security number,” he said

“During the soft launch period over the last week, nearly 13,000 voters safely registered online,” he said. 

The voter registration deadline is Tuesday, Oct. 13.

“From the Division of Elections page, you can also access and confirm your current voter registration information, and once your ballot is sent to you later this month, you’ll also be able to set up a secure account to track when it is received by your county clerk,” Gov. Murphy said.

“That’s a question we get all the time: How do I know my vote gets there, my ballot gets there? How do I know it will be counted? It turns out you can know that,” he said. 

Gov. Murphy announced last month that the state will mail ballots to all of its 6.2 million voters, amid concerns regarding in-person voting as the COVID-19 pandemic continues into the fall. New Jersey also will have a select number of polling stations open for the Nov. 3 General Election.

Labor Day weekend compliance

The Labor Day weekend “was an incredibly good weekend” in terms of compliance with COVID-19 health and safety protocols, based on anecdotal evidence, Gov. Murphy said.

“This past weekend, with the return of limited indoor dining and limited-capacity movie showings, among everything else, we had very few reported cases of knucklehead behavior,” he said.

Outside, “you don’t see enough masking as you’d like,” but the virus is a lot less lethal outdoors than it is indoors, he added.

“As we continue getting back to more of our old routines, we cannot drop the new routines we’ve started over these past six months. We have to keep wearing our masks, practicing social distancing, and washing our hands,” he said.

Overnight numbers

Health officials have reported 284 new cases of COVID-19, for a cumulative total of 194,667 cases since the crisis began in March.

The positivity rate is 1.83, and the rate of transmission is 1.10 among infected people, up from 1.09 on Monday. There were 419 coronavirus patients hospitalized, 227 with confirmed cases and 192 considered under investigation. 

Five new COVID deaths have been reported, but all of those are deaths that occurred more than two months ago and were just recently confirmed, the governor said. The total number of confirmed deaths in New Jersey is 14,213, with another 1,783 probable deaths.

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