Manasquan mail carrier assists injured resident


MANASQUAN — A Manasquan mail carrier’s good judgment and intuition helped save an elderly resident on her delivery route, who had fallen at home several weeks ago.

Thursday, Aug. 6, was a typical day at work for Kelleigh Fulton-Work until she stopped at the Pearce Avenue home of Joan Serratelli.

Ms. Fulton-Work, who has been with the Manasquan Post Office for two-and-a-half years, said she has been delivering mail to Ms. Serratelli for about a year now. Over time, she said, it is natural to become friendly with the residents on a route.


“You get close with all your people — you see their kids or their dogs and their families. You become close with a lot of people and get to know them,” Ms. Fulton-Work said.

As she has gotten to know Ms. Serratelli over the past year, she has become used to seeing her daily and chatting. “She’s a pretty funny lady,” Ms. Fulton-Work said.

“Every day I usually bring her mail to her because she has a hard time getting around,” Ms. Fulton-Work said. “She usually meets me at the door or I’ll just pop in and drop it off for her.”

On the rare occasion that Ms. Serratelli is not going to be home when her mail is delivered, she tells Ms. Fulton-Work in advance.

However, when Ms. Fulton-Work stopped at Ms. Serratelli’s house several weeks ago, she was not greeted in the usual way, which worried her that something might be wrong.

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