New trash rule credited for cleaner streets


POINT PLEASANT BEACH — Borough officials say they are already pleased with the results from a new change to the borough’s garbage collection code requiring trash receptacles for pickup.

In early August, the borough council approved an ordinance looking to cut down on garbage in the streets by having homeowners and renters use garbage receptacles rather than just putting plastic trash bags out at the curb for pickup.

The new rules allow no more than five receptacles out at a time for collection. Of those five receptacles, only one can be a bag alone with no can, to account for overflow.


According to Mayor Paul Kanitra, the changes seem to be working.

“We’re already seeing compliance,” the mayor said.

The borough administrator recently reached out to businesses throughout the borough informing them of the change with businesses shifting their practices as well as residents.

“Things are starting to clean up a little bit,” Mr. Kanitra added.

The ordinance was changed to counter garbage bags being torn open by seagulls when left on borough streets, officials say, which leaves litter on the streets.

“Ocean Avenue has looked horrendous for years and it is our main tourist drive in town,” said Mr. Kanitra in early August. “I think this ordinance will go a long way toward keeping ratty-looking plastic bags from sitting out on the street.”

“What this is meant to do is cut down on just the bags being thrown out there by themselves,” he said. “If you have extra trash and you don’t have enough room in your bin, your bag can go out with the bin at the same time,” adding there must be at least one bin out in those situations.

The borough council also said it will look deeper into this issue, at possible alternatives for borough cans and more.

“We’re going to keep at it until we figure out what the perfect balance is to get us where we need to be,” said the mayor.

The borough hopes to pilot a test program placing a few underground cans in the borough’s downtown area in the hope to hide trash and trash receptacles near businesses. These cans would be dug into the ground with a rising lid covering the can.

“Downtown you just see a tremendous amount of trash on the street,” said the mayor, adding trash is not often seen in surrounding downtown areas.

They hope the pilot could be an answer to one of the borough’s trash problems.

“It’s just one possible solution,” said the mayor. “We’re not putting all our eggs in one basket. We’re just going to continue to look at innovative solutions until we get right where we need to be.”

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