COVID-19 safety stars in school nurses’ video

Point Pleasant Borough High School Nurse Cynthia Barry demonstrates to students how to properly wear a mask in a special “Healthy Steps to Return to School” video. [KAYLA MARSH/THE OCEAN STAR]

POINT PLEASANT — The Point Pleasant School District nurses have released a special video of best practices for a safe and healthy return to school.

The “Healthy Steps to Return to School” video was posted on the district website and YouTube channel and addresses such subjects as daily temperature screenings, proper mask wearing, hand washing and other procedures being implemented to ensure the safety of all students, faculty and administrators when school reopens in another week.

“The Point Pleasant Borough nurses are here today to inform all the parents and guardians of the basic healthy guidelines for the reopening of 2020,” Deborah Ewtushek, of Memorial Middle School, said. “The healthy guidelines were established by the CDC and the Ocean County Health Department.”


Jill Lebret, of Nellie Bennett Elementary School, spoke about some of the upcoming pre-screening procedures that will be in place for the start of school in September. 

“Prior to sending your child to school on their designated days, parents will be required to complete a short questionnaire regarding possible symptoms of and exposure to COVID-19,” she said. 

“It is important that parents fulfill this requirement consistently and accurately to reflect your child’s and household health. If your child is displaying any of the symptoms of COVID-19, or if you had any exposure to COVID-19 within your household, you will be required to keep your child home from school.”

Cynthia Barry, of Point Pleasant Borough High School, spoke about proper mask wearing and hand washing procedures for students.

“When you come to school, you’ll see the nurses, the teachers, and all the students with their masks on,” she said. “To properly wear your mask it goes behind the ear … and also you pinch it at your nose and it must go under your chin. 

“A lot of people think that a face shield is acceptable in lieu of a face mask, but it is not. The face shield will protect you only if you wear it in conjunction or with the face mask. We will also use a thermal scan thermometer to check your temperature. We point it at your forehead, press the button, and you are good to go. 

“Parents, we would like you to be the gatekeepers of your children. Please practice with your children wearing a mask for short periods of time. Explain to them why it is so important to wear a mask. We would like to keep all our Panthers in good health. 

“Another practice we want to remind you Panthers is proper hand washing … remember hands have to be wet, wash the front, wash the back, wash in between your fingers and stay healthy.”