Beautification Committee spruces up borough streets

The committee planted flowers along the train station on Arnold Avenue to bring some more colorful flowers into the area. PHOTO COURTESY OF PAT KILE

POINT PLEASANT BEACH — The Beautification Committee worked hard all summer long, nurturing a collection of garden beds and flower barrels up and down borough streets.

According to Beautification Chairperson Mary Steiner, the group has been working around the clock planting, watering and weeding. 

The all-volunteer committee, made up of 24 residents, is funded by the borough to keep up with the conservation and appearance of town. 


The group takes care of numerous gardens and spots around the borough.

“We have several garden spots which you see around town,” Ms. Steiner said. “The gazebo, the butterfly garden, there’s a site down on Niblick Street, Sandy’s Point coming into town.”

“We plant them, fertilize them, weed them, water them,” said Ms. Steiner. 

The group also maintains the barrels that have plantings and flowers in the downtown district. 

With all the hot weather, Ms. Steiner said, the group has been busy.

“All those barrels get watered by hand,” said Ms. Steiner. “It’s committee members with their buckets or milk jugs watering all of those by hand.”

“Especially the weeding and the watering this year, with the hot weather it is continuous,” said Ms. Steiner. 

She said despite the hard work, all members truly enjoy keeping their borough looking good. 

Because of the pandemic, the group made a few changes this summer. They have had to hold back on some projects and are extra cautious when working together, wearing masks and keeping their distance. 

“You have to social distance in garden spots in working together,” said Ms. Steiner. “You still have to be separate.”

The group has moved online for its meeting, but Ms. Steiner says she hopes they can figure out some in-person meetings soon. 

“That’s how you throw around ideas and how you come up with new flowers or new thoughts of what to do with the garden spots,” said Ms. Steiner. 

As the fall approaches, the committee hopes to bring some of their annual projects to residents. 

“As we move into fall, we sponsor the scarecrow contest for the children in the town,” said Ms. Steiner. 

For the holiday season, the committee decorates downtown plant barrels and lamp posts to match the season. They station light-up reindeer in gardens as well. 

“Then after Christmas, everything comes down and we start planning for the next season,” said Ms. Steiner. 

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