BRADLEY BEACH — The so-called “local” summer will have to wait this year, as borough officials have decided to extend the borough’s summer season until the end of September over concerns tourists will continue to be attracted to the borough’s beachfront during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With some schools around New Jersey allowed to have a virtual start of the year and parents working from home, borough officials decided that it would be best to continue to have lifeguard service on the beaches during the weekends until Sept. 30, and allow for swimming on weekdays.

On Aug. 25, the borough council voted unanimously to pass Resolution 2020-214, which states that the “mayor and council desire that the borough’s residents, businesses, and visitors have the maximum amount of time to enjoy and engage in commerce at the borough’s beachfront during an extremely difficult year.”


Council President John Weber predicted that the beachfront will be unseasonably busy this September.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think this is going to be a local summer that we all look forward to,” the council president said. “I think our beaches are going to be very well used on the weekends in September, perhaps even crowded, so I would ask everyone to continue to display patience and a little bit of humility that we displayed this summer.”

“I think the rest of the state is going to continue to be interested in coming to our town in September,” he added.

The resolution states that the borough’s beaches, beach lockers, concessions and other facilitators will remain open throughout September.

After Labor Day weekend, starting on Sept. 8, the borough’s beachfront will operate under “rough surf management rules” on the weekdays, meaning swimming will be allowed unless dangerous conditions exist, Normal beach operations will continue on weekends. On weekends, season badges will continue to be honored and daily badges will continue to be sold.

Richard Johnson, the borough’s beach supervisor, and Robert Rosenberg, the assistant beach supervisor, will continue to serve the borough during the extended summer timeframe.

Borough Administrator David Brown III said that Mr. Johnson is working to create a rapid-response team that would operate on weekdays to help swimmers in distress.

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