Team Willy Nilly claims top prize at scavenger hunt

The first annual Town Wide Scavenger Hunt featured 10 teams riding around town answering clues for a chance to be named champion. [DANIELLA HEMINGHAUS]

BAY HEAD — After several hours of biking around town, answering questions and a high-stakes game of chance, Team Willy Nilly triumphed over its competition to be crowned  winner of the first annual Town Wide Scavenger Hunt.

“We were just excited to be involved in something that felt normal after being in quarantine for the last couple of months,” team captain Kelly Watson said. 

“It was nice to have an event to get together and do something fun outside of the house. It was such a great idea, so well put together and so creative. They really did a fantastic job.”


Ten teams went head to head for the chance to take home top prize in the Bay Head Life-sponsored event July 18. Also among the members were Jillian Leinen, Brett Malone, Chris Stinton, Jennifer Penrod and Ann Marie Kuhn.

“There were two pages of questions you had to answer and they were all scattered throughout the town,” Ms. Watson said.

“My teammate Jillian and I went to Bay Head School and grew up in Bay Head, so we felt that we had a bit of an advantage as far as we didn’t have to use the map, which helped us get around quicker than people who aren’t as familiar with the area.

“It was fun. You had to take a picture at every single clue, which was almost the hardest part because we were trying to fit six of us in a picture and be quick and get to the next clue. So it was like a rush, it was so much fun.”

The familiarity with the borough however, didn’t mean team members didn’t get puzzled with clues from time to time.

“We were stumped on a couple of things.You know when you see something everyday, it was that reaction of ‘I know I have passed it a million times, but where is it?” Ms. Watson said.

“Two of the things we were unsure of we found just by luck of being on the path … but it all fell together and it was fun to compete and be on a team and ride around town. The clock was ticking so it was a jittery, fun, nervous feeling.”

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