BRADLEY BEACH — Some visitors traveled hours from out-of-state to the borough’s beachfront on Saturday, only to be turned around by booth attendants who informed them that a new 2,000-daily beach badge limit had already been reached.

At midday, one beach badge booth attendant reported having to turn away about 20 beachgoers who did not know about the new limit. A gate attendant said she had already turned away at least 75 persons.

Renee Wall, who said she drove to Bradley Beach from Pittsburgh to visit her friend Rachel Rodriguez and visit the Jersey Shore, arrived at the beach at about noon and was told that the daily badges had long been sold out.


“It is what is is,” she said. “There is nothing we could really do about it; we just didn’t know,”

“We’ll try to figure something out,” Ms. Wall said. “The good thing is, at the beach there is a lot of different stuff that you could do.”

Arron Lopez and Darius Umegolu, who had driven down from Newark, were also caught unaware of the unaware of the limit and unable to buy badges.

“It’s annoying,” Mr. Lopez said. Asked what they would do next, he said “Probably sneak in.”

The limit of 2,000 daily beach badges was announced by Bradley Beach officials on Thursday.  According to the borough’s Facebook page, Bradley Beach Tourism daily beach badges, which are now only sold on the online platform VIPLY, sold out before noon.

A line outside the badge booth on Brinley Avenue on Saturday, July 25.

“The sad part about it is, with families who come for two hours and are unaware and don’t check the website, there is nothing I can do to help them, there is nothing I can do,” said Frank Cozzi, who manned the Third Avenue beach badge booth on Saturday. He said he had sold all 600 of his daily badges three hours after the beach opened, at 9 a.m.

Daily badges in Bradley Beach cost $13, the most expensive in the area. Adult season beach badges are still on sale and cost $80.

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