#MaskUpNJ campaign urges wearing of face masks at beaches, parks

Mask Up New Jersey poster

TRENTON — A new “Mask Up New Jersey” campaign has been launched by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection [NJDEP] to encourage residents to wear protective face coverings while at parks and beaches.

Gov. Phil Murphy has been adamant in urging residents to wear face masks when in public, both indoors and outdoors, to slow the spread of COVID-19.

“If you think you look silly in a face mask, just think how silly you’d look in a hospital gown,” he said at Thursday’s daily coronavirus briefing. He gave a shout-out to NJDEP Commissioner Catherine R. McCabe and her staff for developing the campaign.

The NJDEP has created five posters that can be downloaded from the nj.gov/dep/ website and then printed and physically posted at various locations. It’s recommended that the posters be placed in high-foot-traffic areas such as at beach access points, park entrances and trail heads, and on kiosks and bulletin boards.

The website also has digital posters that can be shared on social media, along with the hashtag #MaskUpNJ.

“This is a social-media-ready campaign that everyone can participate in,” the governor said.

“We get it. Wearing a face covering is not required, but it is a vitally important additional measure of protection for you and others against the spread of COVID-19, especially in places where social distancing isn’t as possible, like on line for a slice of boardwalk pizza or in a restroom in one of our parks. 

“So I encourage everyone to take part and share these images and more importantly be a model for others and take your face covering with you to the park or the beach every day, and especially this weekend,” he said. 

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