Two Point Beach seniors make history at Fire Company #2

Noah Ramos [from left] and Dominick Storio, two high school students who have completed all of their Point Pleasant Beach Fire Company training while still in high school. PHOTO BY DANIELLA HEMINGHAUS

POINT PLEASANT BEACH — Two seniors at Point Pleasant Beach High School have become the first and youngest two firemen in the history of the Point Pleasant Beach Fire Company to graduate from the Waretown Fire Academy and obtain full Fire 1, Fire 2 and HAZMAT Certifications.

Noah Ramos and Dominick Storio graduated from the academy at the end of February, completing over 290 hours of classes and drills to become Senior Firefighters at the Point Pleasant Beach Fire Company #2.

Both Noah and Dominick said they were happy to finally be senior members at the department, responding to calls and serving their community.


For them both, to go through so many hours of training and come out on the other side was a great achievement.

When a junior firefighter turns 18 years old, they become a probationary member allowing them to go on calls and help out with tasks. They are also invited to go to the academy to become a senior member which both Noah and Dominick wanted to pursue.

“I joined right when I turned 18, so they sent me and Dominick to the fire academy,” said Noah.

Noah said he is grateful that Dominick urged him to join the department; Noah was focused on sports, playing varsity football and wrestling in school, as well as being a peer leader and honors student.

“He always was going to join the department and he talked me into joining,” said Noah. “I am so glad he convinced me to do it.”

“It’s nice to be done with it all,” said Dominick. “It was around seven months of training, three days a week.”

Noah and Dominick would make the 45-minute drive to Waretown three days a week to go to classes

“They were long hours and days of training and in the classroom,” Dominick said, adding he was proud to stay dedicated to completing the training.

“What we did was have classroom days, basically lectures, they taught us everything from how to carry a person to how to set up a ladder,” said Noah. “It was very extensive.”

With the academy’s instructors from all over the state, both learned the ins and outs of being a fireman in New Jersey.

“We also have days where we do physical work,” said Noah.

The academy has three different prop scenarios allowing recruits to train what they have learned. Noah and Dominick often trained in the academy’s three stations, the tower, smokehouse and burn building.

Both are now glad to be a part of the department, serving their community.

“When we were in the academy, we were still going on calls and just helping out the other members, but now we can actually do the stuff that we learned,” said Dominick.

Both Noah and Dominick were going to be honored with a presentation at a school board meeting as well as a proclamation from the borough council, but due to recent closures and virtual meetings, that has been postponed until further notice.

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