Sea Girt deals with influx of residents


SEA GIRT — A town of about 1,700 during the offseason is seeing dramatic changes in numbers, Mayor Ken Farrell said, Monday.

The town, which now has two positive coronavirus cases, is being seen by some as a better option than staying in New York City.

“We have some renters coming in and people coming down to their homes,” Mr. Farrell said. “I think they think Sea Girt is better than New York City.”

Mr. Farrell said the boardwalk has been a little more crowded than usual, but that everyone looks as though they are “respecting social distancing.”

While Mr. Farrell said some residents are acting concerned over the renters coming down, who is to stop people from “using your own house.”

“We have an influx of people, but we’re managing,” Mr. Farrell said. 

The municipal office and police station remain closed to the public, but the mayor said everything else is functioning as normal in regards to public safety measures and policing.

“We’re maintaining social distance. I just hope and pray that this doesn’t get overwhelming,” he said. “Our primary focus is the safety of all of the residents. I don’t think of Sea Girt as 1,700 people, it’s really 4,000 people because they all pay taxes. You have to count every house.”

As far as local businesses, Mr. Farrell said he feels for the restaurant owners. He said he’s ordered takeout from local businesses like Harrigan’s, and hopes residents will do the same to keep these community staples in business during a time of need.

But Mr. Farrell fears the worst has yet to come, before the town can start to see a glimmer of light.

“Unfortunately I’m not thinking it’s peaked yet. Hopefully it does calm down,” he said.