Star News Group’s coronavirus coverage is ongoing


Star News Group is dedicated to providing the latest news regarding the coronavirus outbreak and its local impact online and in print.

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STAR NEWS GROUP is open for business, albeit from a safe distance.

Reporters are working remotely and reporting daily on this pandemic. We’re still keeping our finger on the pulse of our communities; however, as you can see, we’re reporting on the new coronavirus cases in our communities, the new testing sites and protocols in our county, we’re reporting on the new way of life that brings virtual school, virtual houses of worship and virtual connections where human contact is no longer allowed. We’re reporting on local businesses who are changing their model in order to stay alive. Council business is still happening with most towns meeting virtually and even introducing their annual budgets. We’re staying on top of all these happenings in our community so that you can stay home and safely read about them online or in the print edition, or both.

Our Sales staff is focused on sharing the messages of small businesses trying to ride out this storm. We’re reaching out to everyone who is now doing business in a new way to see how we can help them share their messages.

A small amount of our staff is in our Manasquan office keeping the doors open, the phones answered and our essential business running, so please don’t hesitate to call us at 732-223-0076 with any questions you have.