Emergency repairs necessary for Ocean Ave Bridge

The bridge on Ocean Avenue connecting Avon-By-The-Sea and Belmar will be closed to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists until an estimated Memorial Day Weekend finish date. FILE PHOTO.

AVON-BY-THE-SEA — Despite the resulting inconvenience, Avon Mayor Ed Bonanno said he is thankful the Monmouth County Inspectors discovered the deterioration on the Ocean Avenue Bridge announced earlier this week. 

“They were looking at other work that needed to be done on the bridge,” Mr. Bonanno said of the emergency project, expected to close the bridge until Memorial Day Weekend. “It wasn’t an immediate danger. It’s deteriorated where … If we don’t do something soon, then the bridge may not work. 

“It was really more preemptive where it’s going to fail at some point and we’d rather address it now in the winter time, than wait until it actually fails July Fourth weekend.”

According to the the borough, Monmouth County engineers conducting an inspection of the Ocean Avenue Bridge found deterioration in the steel pinions that support the span when it opens and closes. 

“They decided it doesn’t look good and it’s going to have to be replaced really soon. We better do it now, rather than before something happens where it doesn’t work and it’s in the middle of the tourist season,” the mayor said.

In order to address the problem to ensure that the work is completed by mid-May for the summer season, the repairs will begin next week. The local bridge will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians during the work.

To allow for boat traffic to continue, the contractor will keep one side of the bridge up while they work on the other side. 

“It’s really going to be just the people going south through Avon going over Ocean Avenue … now they’re going to have to go up Sylvania Avenue to Main Street. For people just moving around in Avon, they’re not going to be affected,” Mr. Bonanno said.

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